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At IncWorx, we recognize one size does not fit all when it comes to getting the support you need for Office 365, which is why we offer a number of options to choose from. Our managed services options include Enterprise, Professional, and End User support packages, and each comes complete with predictable spend and flexible terms so you can budget with accuracy and count on consistent results. Choose between our annual and month-to-month plan options. Our Office 365 consultants are 100% US-based and all packages include our web-based ticket tracking system, email and live phone support.

Managed Support Services for Office 365


Pay-As-You-Go Support

Work directly with a professional Office 365 consultant. With online purchase options ranging from two hours to two days, this is a great way to troubleshoot a number of outstanding issues you’re experiencing in Office 365 all at once, receive direction and recommendations on using the Office 365 tools, or quickly ramp up your skills. Get Pay-As-You-Go Consulting.


Administration Support

Our support services span all aspects of Office 365 administration and configuration. We provide Office 365 support services to your internal team so they can get the help they need to resolve complex issues and remain productive. We can act as an extension of your internal team, taking on tasks and providing support to the organization, or we can take over support for your entire Office 365 environment, alleviating you from day-to-day administration.


Development Support

IncWorx provides support for all of the business solutions you’ve created in Office 365. This includes the use of out-of-the-box techniques as well as full custom development. 


End User Support

IncWorx supports end-users and power users throughout every level of the organization. We help resolve issues, but we also educate, advise, and assist with implementing solutions.

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Help Desk and Internal Support

Many organizations use our support services to augment their existing Office 365 Help Desk and internal teams for escalating issues, addressing overflow due to high volume, and filling in during times of reduction in staff such as vacation or employee turnover. You may also outsource your Office 365 help desk to IncWorx and we’ll take on the responsibility of addressing all of your Office 365 support needs.


Office 365 End User Adoption & Training

When you work with IncWorx, education and training is ongoing, and we have a consistent focus on transferring knowledge to your employees whether through resolving an issue, individualized training, or consulting. We go beyond simple Office 365 help by providing details and insight into how an issue was addressed. We employ a web-based ticketing system so individuals can easily follow along with issue status and steps to resolution. We also leverage screen sharing for working hand-in-hand with individuals for support and delivering individualized learning session

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Office 365 consulting

When you decide to start your cloud path, we are to back you up on the way. Our Office 365 consultants help you make your cloud solution an integral part of the enterprise digital environment and a useful tool for each employee. We provide both advisory and technical assistance depending on your business needs.


Office 365 implementation

We help you select a suitable Office 365 subscription plan aligned with your budget, IT strategy and collaboration scope. We can implement the selected Office 365 toolset in line with the Microsoft requirements and set your cloud solution to ensure its efficient management and use.


Office 365 customization

We tailor your Office 365 solution to your specific corporate environment, industry requirements and employees’ preferences. We handle all-out customizations and develop unique custom features, including complex workflows, branded site templates, interactive chatbots, ready-to-go custom add-ins and more.


Office 365 migration

Our team helps you plan and carry out smooth migration of your on-premises, cloud or hybrid solutions to Office 365 along with preserving the integrity of your business data. To assess the preliminary scope of your Office 365 migration project, you are welcome to use our Office 365 migration calculator.


Office 365 integration

We integrate the Office 365 suite with your enterprise solutions and tools to ensure transparent and continuous cross-department and enterprise-wide collaboration. We handle Office 365 integration with platform-based and custom on-premises or cloud environments and ensure employee directory synchronization and single sign-on to facilitate users’ switching between different systems.


Office 365 support

We offer flexible support options to let you stay in line with the platform updates, implement the latest Office 365 features, extend your solution with custom functionality and prevent it from any turbulence. To prevent any potential difficulties with the Office 365 adoption, we provide dedicated training sessions for Office 365 admins, developers and end users to help them manage and utilize their cloud solutions efficiently.


Office 365 managed services

We take over the administration of your Office 365 ecosystem to ensure its availability, security and performance stability. Our services include managing Office 365 accounts, preventive monitoring and prompt troubleshooting, protection from security vulnerabilities, monthly reporting on resources consumption, and more.


Cloud license and account management

As a Cloud Service Provider, we officially resell Office 365 licenses with a price advantage. What’s more, we support consolidated billing by combining charges for the cloud licenses and ScienceSoft’s services into a single bill.

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